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Technical writer for DigitalOcean product docs. Previously technical editor for the DigitalOcean community.
Former software engineer. Distributed team advocate. Always a teacher at heart.
Carnegie Mellon University alumnus, class of 2013. B.S. Computer Science and B.A. Philosophy.
Pittsburgh transplant. Compulsive hobbyist. Huge nerd. Queer. Words are important.


Here are some of the hobbies that occupy my time, though admittedly I'm better at accumulating more hobbies than I am at updating this page.
I read endlessly, mostly fantasy and speculative fiction with some sci-fi, philosophy, and manga thrown in. Goodreads is the more or less authoritative source for what's on my shelf.
My current book recommendation is The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemison.
I've studied chadō, which is traditional Japanese tea ceremony, since early 2017. I earned my first certification from the Urasenke school in early 2018.
I dabble in a wide variety of crafty things: crochet, chainmaille jewelry, needle felting, torchworking, forging, nail art, artistic journaling, and much more.
I solve a lot more than I construct, but you can find my crossword puzzles at puz-zel.com.
I enjoy cooking and fine dining, though nowadays I don't photograph much of what I make or eat. My favorite consumables include all sorts of Japanese food, molecular gastronomy, bourbon, Malbec wine, anything raw, and anything weird.
I love all sorts of games: board games, tabletop RPGs, video games, etc. I have a large Nintendo collection and generally enjoy retro games just as much as modern ones. Sometimes I'm more of a completionist, sometimes I'm more of a speedrunner, and sometimes I start playing an MMO and lose hundreds of hours of my life.
I've played the clarinet (Bb and bass) since 1998, flute since 2002, and piano for longer than both. In 2010 I picked up the acoustic guitar as well, but freely admit that I lack any semblance of natural talent for it.
I care strongly about animal welfare and advocate for informed, high standard at-home pet care, especially for "exotic" animals.
I've volunteered in various no-kill cat and animal shelters on and off since 2003. I rode Western Pleasure horses for about 5 years, during which time I also volunteered at the stable and led trail rides, and I wish there were a stable close nearby for me to reconnect with this part of my life.
I've kept a wide variety of succulents over the years, though this hobby is somewhat on pause until I have more space.



[Sep 2022] My resume. Badly out of date.


[2017] Instructions on how to legally change your name in Pittsburgh, PA.


If you'd like to get in touch with me about my work at DigitalOcean, please either:

Otherwise, if we’re unacquainted, you can contact me via:

If we’ve met, I prefer to use Signal whenever possible.


I am also on GitHub, Ravelry, Goodreads, Steam, speedrun.com, BoardGameGeek, Instagram (deprecated), Facebook (deprecated), and LinkedIn (endorse me for yak shaving).